Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 week down.

I know, I know! I haven't been the best at updating this for everyone. For that I apologize BUT in my defense I have been extremely busy getting accustomed to everything. It's not easy going from 2 parents in the house with 2 grandparents to just 1 parent and 2 grandparents, although it sounds like it would be it isn't. The grandparents are really just there in time of need and well basically they are your roommates as well. Not having Blaine around has been a lot harder than I anticipated it to be. Not that I mean that in a bad way but it's just like the old saying of, "You don't realize what you are missing until it's gone." I don't think I realized really how much we relied on each other until it was just me doing it all. And by all I really do mean it all. Not just things with Dillan but taking care of all the bills, living not knowing what will come the next day. It's tough! Blaine is up there doing his part to make sure we have a secured future so it would only be right if I was working just as hard here to do the same. I received his "box" a week ago today. The box for those that don't know is simply a box with his civilian clothing and anything else other than his ID. Most wives/girlfriends/parents who receive this get really upset and granted I had a tear flowing, it was really more of a sign to me that the ball really is rolling. Granted it had been for a few days at that point but the thing is you go through these series of steps that put you closer to the finish line and this was the first step. It was like I could finally put a check mark on something to get the list moving along.  I also received what they call his "form letter". In a nut shell, the form letter is telling you his address and his PIR or graduation date. it's a BIG check mark. The whole time going into this process you are sitting waiting for the date to be given so that you can make arrangements to attend this event and when it comes it's an awesome feeling! Blaine did get the chance to write a few lines to us at the end of it all. He was very formal in his whole thing where as some SR (Sailor Recruits) were addressing it to Mom or Dad and writing funny things. Blaine addressed it to my formal name and kept it very professional with his wording. Asking for tasteful pictures and letters. He of course said he misses and loves everyone. I like that he kept it formal. Some may have taken this as impersonal but not me. It meant to me that he is serious. That he is really staying on task. That's important at this stage and I am so proud that he is able to find this for himself. I am not having to push him anymore. He is just there. He is doing it all on his own and for that all I can say is the love for him just grows deeper and deeper. What a wonderful husband I have!  I wish I had more information for everyone as far as what he is doing but unfortunately I don't. I hope to hear from him very soon but know it will probably be another week. I have been keeping my phone on me at all times. Shower, bathroom, at name it!  You never know when that phone call may come.  Dillan and I have had our rough days but mostly we are doing just fine. Keeping our eyes on the prize and working our hardest to stay strong for him.  The day he left was incredibly hard and the following days were up and down. I still have moments as she does when she gets upset and says that she misses her daddy. She is having trouble sleeping this week and I would imagine that contributes to it. But...we are sticking together and I know he will be proud to hear that as well.  6 more weeks and we will get to see him! Cannot wait!!  I have met a lot of people online that are in his same ship and division (building and squad) so it's good having them to talk to and relate to and we have received an overwhelming amount of calls and messages from people just checking up on us. The support system is key!! I promise once I get more information I will gladly inform everyone but for now my only advice if you would like to know what he may be doing is to get on google and research it because Im honestly not sure.  Thanks for all the love!! Blaine will be so happy to hear that everyone is rooting for all 3 of us!! xo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update overload

I'm sorry I havent updated this in a week. I have been so stinking busy trying to get everything settled. Tonight when the little goes to bed, I will make a point to update on everything. Until then...if you are interested in sending SR McDaniel a letter, I have received his address and you can email m directly through this or comment or facebook or call. Whatever social media/technology of your liking and I will be happy to give it to you. Week 1 has been completed!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Issues with this blog...

Just a quick note that will be deleted after a few days...
If you wish to comment on this page you will be required to be a member and follow the blog. It has come to my attention that some are having trouble commenting on here. Furthermore, you will also be required to do a word verification. If you have cookies or captcha disabled on your computer then you probably will not be able to do a comment so please let me know if you are still having issues doing this. Thanks!

5 days til Leave

For the past 2 weeks Blaine and I have been incredibly busy tying up loose knots and getting everything taken care of before he leaves. We have officially moved out of our humble abode in Dallas and are now unpacking part of life at my parents house while the rest of our life is in a POD somewhere in a wharehouse. With his leave date approaching soon, he has been working out each evening and going to meeting after meeting. Tomorrow will be his last "Dep" meeting then he will work his last two days at his part time gig at Pizza Hut. On Sunday, he will be meeting up at the recruiter's office at 1630 hours (430pm) to then go to the hotel that he will be staying at for the evening. Previously, we were told he would not be able to leave the hotel for any reason and that people could come visit him in the waiting room however this time around he is able to leave but must be back before 2200 hours (10 pm). I believe there is a family dinner in the works this day so if you are interested please let me or him know. The next morning (Monday) he will be headed to the MEPS and this is when he will get his plane ticket, do his final swear in and continue to "Hurry up and wait". The time that everyone needs to be at the MEPS if you would like to say your goodbye on that day and/or see him do his swear in is no later than 8am. As far as when he will fly out is still up in the air so I do not have any further information for those that would like to see him off at the airport. Please also be advised that depending on the time that he leaves will obviously depend on the time of arrival to Great Lakes so I do not have the information on when I will receive a phone call for this as of yet either. If you are a direct family member, I encourage you to sign up for where you can get updated information on his division directly as well as a lot of great information on his career. I will be receiving updates via this website from other parents and wives as well as another site from inside the bootcamp process. The time is finally here...what a crazy ride this has been and it's about to become even more of a rollercoaster.

In other news, we have been preparing Dillan for this process as well. We purchased her a Build a Bear that she named "Daddy" and he is wearing a sailor suit. Blaine also recording his own message to Dill so that she can still hear his voice. We also have been doing some Navy themed coloring pages b/c it's no surprise how much that child loves art and that is helping the transitions. We did sit down and explain everything to her last week and it went decently well. I think this is going to be a tough road for her. She is already showing signs of  pushing him away so please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we try to adjust to this new lifestyle. Love to all!