Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet and Greet

When we first started this journey we told the recruiter that Blaine wanted to leave ASAP. She told us that she didn't want to rush the process because there was so much involved but we were so sick of waiting that we just wanted to get it finalized. Little did we know that she was right. Blaine leaves in 37 days and we have A LOT to do. We had no idea that he would need to attend meeting after meeting, check in every few days and put in a request to go out of town. Not that any of that bothers us but man what a process. 
Here is a listing for all who want the information on what the schedule looks like so far. In bold are the ones that you may be interesting in attending. If you are I NEED TO KNOW!

*Every Monday- Meet with his recruiter to make sure he is studying and learning his commands.
*July 6th- Dep Meeting as they call it. He has to do this at the beginning of each month and is required to attend 2 of them before shipping. It's basically just a meeting with the entire office and all the recruits.
*July 7th- Another formal meeting to go over more commands.
*July 9th- Meeting with the commanding officer for him and family members. Basically, a meeting for all family to get all the information they need regarding where he will be and what will be going on with him while he is gone. Unfortunately, this is only for him and I.
*July 22nd- Another Dep meeting.
*July 23rd- Dillan's Early Birthday party since he leaves 3 days before from 2-4 then his going away party at 9pm at Bryan Street Tavern. 
*July 30th- Moving out of our lovely home so we can save money for our BIG move.
*August 1st- His 7 day meeting with the officers and his 1st drug test of many over the next week and another Monday meeting.
*August 7th- He meets at the recruiting office to do another drug test, finalize all paperwork and leave for the hotel. He will also be going to MEPS again this day to do ANOTHER drug test and to do his OFFICIAL swear in. Family is welcome to this. I do not have a time for this yet however I do know it will be around 8am. From there he will go to the hotel. Family is also welcome to come up and see him at the hotel but he is not able to leave for any reason.
*August 8th- He hops on a bus and they take him to DFW Airport. Family is welcome to meet him there and sit with him until he leaves.
*August 9th- He will be arriving in Chicago/Great Lakes very late. He will call me when he gets there to let me know he has arrived.He will then take yet ANOTHER drug test.
*2 days later- His recruiter will be contacting me with his address. I will then update this for everyone so if you wish to write him you can. (Keep in mind...he is only able to send out mail on Sundays so every time you receive a piece of mail from him it will be a week behind.)

Dates of happenings at this point are up in the air. All will depend on how he does and the Navy's schedule. If anyone is interested in attending his graduation which will be approximately the 1st or 2nd week of October please let me know. Once I am given the date of this I will HAVE to book my flight and hotel immediately. There are 80 people in each division and about 10 divisions that will be graduating that day. Many times family members have waited and not been able to find a hotel. I need to know NOW if you are even contemplating the idea of coming to this. I am only allowed a specific amount of vehicles and people. First come, first serve!!
After his boot camp he will be stationed in Great Lakes for his "A" school. This school is 8 weeks long. About mid way through his school he will be given where he is going. There will be a board with the options when he arrives at "A" school and he will be competing for each spot. His grades and performance will ensure he gets the location he chooses. He will receive a short break after school (5-14 days to come home). This will more than likely be around Christmas time. At this time we will be making plans for our move. More than likely the move will be one of the following areas...
Florida, California, Virginia, Hawaii or Japan. Start making plans and saving that money folks...vacation spot here we come!!!!

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